Local Food Vets John Fielding and Paul Pelt are Working on a Fun and Funky Chinese Restaurant and Bar in Shaw

Yes its true!  Tabard vets John Fielding (Co-Owner Broad Branch Market in Chevy Chase) and Chef Paul Pelt are putting together a really funky and (my words) cool Chinese Restaurant in Shaw.
Located in that 'secret place' 1414 9th Street, demolition is blowing out walls (and finding windows) as the previously dark and secret lounge and  bar has become a light-filled blank canvas for the Tabard Inn alum to build on.
Yep, The Secret Bar is about to be a secret no more

The ground floor is cleared and open, right back to the kitchen
Speaking to John, he wants to create a restaurant where comfort is key, not only the ambiance but the food and beer. The menu will be limited in size, and will appeal to most and be wrapped up in an atmosphere that is unpretentious and easy going.
John tells me he found windows behind the drywall - but now.....
There is still a way's to go, but so far, I can tell you the interior is open a light, and if you knew the previous bar, for get about it, this is something that Shaw and DC will love. (yes I have asked many Shaw residents what they think, do I need to write how much they want this to happen) John's expectations are for a Winter/Spring 2015 opening

Good Luck to John and Chef Paul.

More Details to Come .........