Old Dominion Brewhouse closed in Shaw

I have known about the possibility of this for a while, but trying to get confirmation has not been successful. So today, walking along 9th  Street NW at M Street NW, I see that the signage is up advertizing the availability of the property (within the Washington Convention Center), so I feel OK with making the announcement. The Old Dominion Brewhouse, known by many as ODB, was a favorite spot for local residents, and city visitors, a sports bar, a restaurant and an event space that featured music and comedy. Personally I will really miss this hub of the neighborhood.
So that's the end. I now will look forward to something new filling the space.

More news on this as I hear it......


  1. I used to go to ODB weekly for open mic comedy, it gave me an excuse to eat at SunDevich...lol. I know the Trivia night was hugely popular. I hope something fills the space that offers a variety of entertainment for the neighborhood and is reasonably priced. I enjoy being in Shaw.


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