Ditto Residential Design for 925 M Street NW Gets CDC Approval

A month ago the Badwolfdc Blog reported on an ad-hoc meeting with residents of the Blagden Alley/Naylor Court Association and Ditto Residential, to give local residents a first look at their plans for 925 M Street NW. The property is a corner of the M Street access to the Alley, and is currently a grass and concrete wasteland. Since that meeting Ditto Residential has been at a couple of CDC (Community Development Council) meetings, first to present, then to respond points from the presentation. This past Wednesday (29th October) the CDC approved the design, so the projects first hurdle is behind Ditto Residential. Next up is the presentation to the full ANC2F (11/5) and the HPRB (11/20).
The projects is for a 2 Unit Condo, that will ultimately complete the transformation of the M Street NW Alley entrance. (the opposite side will be taken up by SB-Urban's 126 Unit Apartment Complex). The building is modern in design, but, most agree, not overpowering for the historic district in Shaw. On their part, Ditto Residential has been very open with information, and willing to make adjustments from the original design, by Takoma Md based, dep. design and architecture. Below are some architectural details of the project; (click on image to make larger)
View from M Street NW
Photo Collage of M Street NW with 925 M Street highlighted in red
View from Blagden Alley
I will be tracking the approval of this project over the coming weeks, and will update this post, with content and photographs...so check back here at the Badwolfdc Blog.

My thanks to Martin Ditto and his staff at Ditto Residential for the information and drawings.
Thanks also to the staff at dep. for their explanations and information on the forthcoming structure.