SHAW: Artist Adam Mele Having First DC Show at The A & D neighborhood Bar in Shaw - July 16th

Adam Mele will have his first DC Show (his two recent shows where, Secret Project Robot related spaces in Brooklyn, and Artomatic back in October) making three in the past year for an up and coming artist.

Talking to Adam, he tell us that
 "I don't have any formal artistic training, but have more or less been doing similar stuff since high school. Materials I've used have included crayon, ballpoint pen (props to TD Bank!), marker and more recently acrylic and oil paints. I've also been starting to incorporate photography and collage materials."
Adam came to DC a year and a half ago for a job as an Indonesian specialist. He is currently working as an ESL instructor and Indonesian translator/interpreter. 
This promises to be an interesting exhibition, and I believe that the visit will be worth it.  The exhibit will start at 6.30pm and go through 11pm
A & D neighborhood Bar is located at 1314 9th Street NW Washington, DC 20001 
Call 202-290-1804 for more detail


  1. Really cool stuff! Looking forward to checking this out

  2. Adam Mele is an incredible talent. We own a couple of his works. Well worth to see these interesting, different and provocative pieces.

  3. Adam Mele is an incredible talent. His work is different, interesting and thoughtful. Well worth a visit.


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