1500 Block of 7th Street NW about to "Pop"

In the upcoming months the east side of the 1500 block of 7th Street NW will be undergoing a dramatic transformation.
 "After years of being a vacant blight in the community, the building at 1547 - 7th St will be transformed into a world renowned restaurant. A lease has been signed with chef Richard Sandoval's restaurant group." says Kevin L. Chapple, Commissioner, ANC 6E02 in an email to residents. The restaurant will be a "casual Mexican concept with carryout," reported Zagat.
1547 7th Street NW, site of a new Richard Sandoval casual Mexican restaurant
 In a few weeks Ivy & Coney, a sports pub will open its doors for business at 1537 - 7th Street. Today they tweeted a pretty cool artwork of Harry Caray. Looking forward to their opening.
Don't be fooled by the exterior, there is lots going on inside
Harry Caray appears out of a blank wall (tweeted image)

The current laundromat at 1535 - 7th Street will be closing and a coffee shop will take its place. I understand that Coffee Roasting will be done on-site.
Laundromat to Coffee Shop at 1535 7th NW
The Variety Market at 1511 - 7th Street will be closing and Valor Development will be occupying that location.The latest that I have been told is that this property along with other adjoining properties will be developed as one. Valor are waiting for the District "One-City" to put the property currently being used by the Clarke Construction on the corner of 7th and P St. up for bids (RFP/RFEI)
1511 7th NW taken over by Valor Development, no news on what will go here
On the West side of the 1500 block, the Jefferson Apartments are swiftly moving along. The last word I had was that there would be quite a bit of retail space along the 7th St frontage. Along with City Market at O, this whole stretch of 7th Street is being transformed before our eyes

Jefferson Apartments will create an attractive streetscape on 7th
The Apartment building is really going up quickly now
Alley view from Q Street - very nice
Caveat: This is an early posting and some information still needs to be confirmed. But I am pretty confident that the information is accurate.