Update: City Market at O Street NW / Roadside Development Got It Right

Still much going on at the City Market at O campus. The West Building, which includes the new Cambria Suites Hotel, and the East Building, which includes The Giant, are both currently leasing. If you are a regular visitor to the area, then you can see how the development has changed, not only the physical area, but the vibe as well. Now that the project is almost complete, I have to say Roadside Development got it right.
Construction is still ongoing around the West Building, primarily because of the hotel. Several retail business's have been announced, and it does not take much imagination to 'see' the final product. The streetscape on that stretch of 7th Street NW (between O & Q Street's NW) has changed dramatically, you only have to stand at Q Street and look back. The Jefferson apartments are nearly complete, Hodge on 7th, (move ins are set for May 15th) the senior housing portion of the City Market at O campus, and standing proud on 7th & O Street's, the beautifully restored turret of the old market. Here are updated photographs;
The new Cambria Suites at 9th and O Street's is getting close.
The Lobby is coming together, drama coming from the stairs
Starbucks will be mid-block, on the ground floor of the Cambria Suites
Hodge on 7th - Move Ins Start May 15th
Street-scape- The Jefferson Apartments (R), Hodge on 7th(Center) and City Market at O (L)
The corner of 9th and O Streets transformed
I will undoubtedly be writing more about City Market at O, so check out the Badwolfdc blog from time to time for updates.......

City Market at O website here
Roadside Development website here