Quick Shots #74: H Street at 7th Filling In with the arrival of Potbelly

Potbelly joins Cava on H Street NW (between 7th & 8th NW)
Good to see that the 700 block of H Street NW is starting to wake up again. The short block has been vacant for a while after the Texas BBQ place closed and other small business' moved out leaving the block in a sorry state.  Earlier this year CAVA Mezze Grill announced a new location on the block, and now Potbelly has joined them.  That leaves just one property still vacant (far right in above photo)

Work has begun on the new location (Potbelly was previously in Chinatown at 726 7th St NW) and I personally have high hopes that the restoration of the H Street location will preserve the old interior of what is a pretty old piece of real estate. (See 637 Indiana AveNW)

Potbelly is a leader in the fast casual dining market, and CAVA is one of Washington DC best fast casual restaurant chains....great to see them both in Chinatown.

Chinatown provides a great location for two of DC's favorite fast casual restaurants 
  I can guarantee there will more on both of these two in the coming months.....