Dolci Gelati - Something Special Opens on Monday 12/15 in Shaw

On Saturday, like many other media types, I hustled over to City Market at O to attend the long awaited preview of the opening of Dolci Gelati's first DC cafe. I'll start with a review: You Gotta Go!!! Its something special.
When you enter you will be greeted by chrystal chandoleers and old photo's wrapped in lime green walls. But the atmospheric bling is just that, to get you in the mood for suprises that await. Chef Gianluigi has put together a colorful and varied menu of Gelato, Popsicles & Pastries that please the tastebuds and the eye. Chef Gianluigi believes in fresh made, fresh ingredients and fresh fruit to complete his delights, so don't be surprised when you see shelves of fresh fruit as you enter.
So what's on the menu, that you have to try......that's really up to you, as you have the freedom to create your own. But from the menu, you might try the Gelato Pannini, yup you read right, two scoops of Gelato on a golden sweet bun. For the coffee fan (and who isn't?) try the Hot (or cold) Affogato, your favorite Gelato 'drowned' in a double-shot of espresso. 
 If you are ambitious (or just hungry) you could try pick from the list of Sundae's, my favorite (as of Saturday) "The Ananas Royale", Greek Yogurt Gelato, whipped cream, pineapple and strawberry sauce all balanced on fresh pineapple.
On the run? well pick up a Gelato Pop, you can choose your own 'dip' and topping and be on your way in minutes.

Not feeling like an ice? there is plenty to choose from the pastry/dessert menu, and even a few sandwich/panini items to munch on,
 then washed down with coffee, tea or a very special hot chocolate.
Chef Gianluigi has brought an authentic Italian taste to Shaw, and DC. Through his family, training and experience you would expect nothing less. Folks in DC have been exposed to Dolci Gelati through the companies 'food-truck' and stands at the National Zoo and Nat's Park, but for the full blown taste experience and wonderful presentation a trip to Dolci Gelato in Shaw is a must.
Its he perfect place to Chill, literally: Dolci Gelati is located on the newly open portion of 8th Street NW, opposite the new Giant store. Easy to find and for non-Shaw residents, easy to get to by Metro (7th Street/Convention Center or Shaw stops) or by car (park in the City Market at O parking garage).

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