Quick Shots #98: &Pizza is Planning to Open at 7th & H NW

Just walking by, at the corner of 7th & H Street NW, and noticed that tell tale & sign over the door of the only remaining property on that block. If it is true, then this is a perfect location (705 H Street NW) for the hot pizza place,surrounded by  CAVA Grill and Potbelly on the West side, and Starbucks on the East.
The last vacant space on the 700 Block of H Street NW
Yup! That's a & above the door
West on 7th Street NW - CAVA & Potbelly for neighbors
I have no idea how long they are along on a build-out but I will be keeping an eye on this.....

Note: The website locations has 705 H Street NW as a ....coming soon.