ARLINGTON: Ambar Clarendon Debuts Unlimited Weekend Brunch Service - Starts October 22nd

Ambar, the nation’s capital’s first Balkan restaurant, owned by Serbian born Ivan Iricanin, is pleased to announce the introduction of Unlimited Weekend Brunch service at the newly opened Clarendon location. Brunch will debut Saturday, October 22nd and will be available Saturday and Sunday, from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  Priced at $34 per person, guests can enjoy an all-you-can-eat selection of Starters, Pastries & Traditional Dishes, Egg Dishes, Open-Faced Sandwiches, Flatbread's and Sweets along with five distinctive brunch cocktails.  Unlimited Weekend Brunch service must be ordered by the entire table.
Mushroom Pilav with Eggs
You might start with some of Ambar’s most popular Starters including Beet Tzatziki with yogurt, roasted beets and garlic; Creamy Chicken Spread with roasted sesame seeds, garlic, mayo and cream, served with cornbread and sourdough; Balkan Salad, tomato, peppers, cucumber, onions and aged cheese,and the Veal & Vegetable Soup with sour cream & fresh chives.  Items from the Pastries & Traditional section of the menu include Popara” Balkan Bread Pudding with aged cow cheese, milk, chili flakes and country-style bacon; Mushroom Pilav with root vegetables, rice, cremini mushrooms and eggs; Cheese Pie with cucumber yogurt and ajvar emulsion, and the Potato Hash with glazed smoked onion, house spices and garlic.
Pulled Pork Benedict
Those looking for Egg Dishes will want to consider the Pulled Pork Benedict served on a muffin with ajvar and kajmak sauce; Applewood Bacon Omelet with roasted peppers & tomatoes and a basil-spinach sauce; Cevapi & Egg, house-ground beef & veal with Mediterranean salsa, and the Pork Sausage and EggAmbar also serves Open-Faced Sandwiches & Flatbread's such as the Fried Catfish with lemon caper tartar and lettuce; Zucchini Burger with red pepper spread, sunflower seeds and gouda cheese; Egg BLT, bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato; Grilled Pork Neck with kajmak, lettuce and tarragon sauce; Sausage Flatbread with urnebes and sudžuk sausage and the Grilled Veggie Flatbread with homemade pesto, kalamata olives and seasonal veggies.
Your Choice of Mimosa
Brunch dessert options at Ambar include Cinnamon Sweet Sourdough with a choice of Nutella or homemade jam; Blueberry Waffle with blueberry jam and whipped cream or the Strawberry Waffle with Nutella and whipped cream.  Ambar’s new brunch menu is complemented by featured cocktails such as the Traditional Mimosa; Bloody Mary; Pear Mimosa; Berry Mimosa and the Ambar Mimosa with Balkan sparkling wine, peach and lavender puree.

For additional information call (703) 875-9663 or visit

Ambar Clarendon is located at 
2901 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, Virginia, 22201.