A Quick Look at Shaw's 7th & 9th Street Corridor's. One Big Building Site

When you look at the effect growth has on a neighborhood you can easily use the 9th and 7th Street corridor's of Shaw as an example. Yes you start at the Marriott Marquis at Mass/9th/L Streets, (you could extend that out to City Center) but that is just the start. The Flats at Blagden Ally looks like it will kick-off soon (the project's - there are 2 -  were purchased August 28th by Saul Investment Group). That property abuts Douglas Developments "Gang of Three" which is under construction all ready. Its further up 9th Street where the real construction starts, at 9th and N Street with the (in comparison) smallish project creating a Condo and Retail Space at that corner location.
9th & N Streets - a small project for the neighborhood

Sidewalks are open or provided/1 Lane of traffic is gone for the duration on N Street and 9th
City Market at O, a monstrous project that spans O Street / P Street between 7th / 9th (re-opening 8th Street) Here there will be the rejuvenated Giant Food Store, a new hotel, senior living, apartments and condo's.
Retail is planned for the reclaimed portion of 8th Street
Retail is planned for the center (Dolci Gelati have already signed a lease) of the project on the reclaimed 8th Street (unfortunately the developer has no retail on 7th or 9th, creating a retail dead-zone on 7th Street and (possibly) reducing the growth of retail on 9th as well)
Retail Dead-Zone on 9th at "City Market at O"
7th Street also has the new Jefferson at Market Place, that takes up the block between P Street and Q Street, The plan is to add 13,400 sq feet of retail here. "The Jefferson at Market Place is a mixed-use development that will include 281 luxury apartments, 230 below-grade parking spaces, and 13,400 square feet of retail space. Construction began in August 2012 and the first units will deliver in March 2014."
The Jefferson at Market Place will have 13400 sq ft of retail

Rear of Jefferson at Market Place off P Street
Work is well on the way at Jefferson at Market Place between P and Q Streets
7th Street does has some other new retail, Ivy and Coney is a planned tavern opposite Jefferson at Market Place, at 1537 7th Street. The spot comes from Kangaroo Boxing Club owners Josh Saltzman and Chris Powers and plans to seat 60 and feature food (Hot-dogs etc) and music (Motown, Blues).
Site of a new bar "Ivy and Coney" opposite the Jefferson at Market Place on 7th Street
and on the corner of 7th and Q Streets is the much anticipated Dacha Beer Garden a new tavern, which looks close to opening. “Dacha Beer Garden proposes to transform the long-vacant parking lot at the northwest corner of 7th and Q Streets, NW, into an outdoor eating and drinking establishment, similar to The Standard, at the northeast corner of 14th and S Streets, NW.”
Greenery is now almost planted
Planting at the much anticipated Dacha Beer Garden
When you look down 7th Street from Q Street towards O Street
On 9th Street there has been some retail growth on the 1300 (most recently Thally now open) and 1400 blocks (Pekoe Wellness Center), and Mandalay Burmese Restaurant plans a September 8th opening adjacent to the current leasing office of  City Market at O on the corner of 9th and P Streets (1500 block). Further down the block at 1527 9th a new gallery "Swatchroom" is in its construction phase.

Undoubtedly,  over the coming months more projects will be added to the list (as will some, deleted as they are completed)


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