Another New Restaurant for Blagden Alley

Update 8/5/2013: Tweet from ABRA

Another new restaurant is coming to Blagden Alley, this one will take the space currently housing the "Downtown Boxing Club"
Downtown Boxing to American Bistro - well that's the plan
The restaurant is provisionally named The American, and per the ABRA License" will be a Classic American Bistro. Seating 70 inside and 75 outside. It will be open from 7am thru 2 am Sundays thru Thursday and 7 am thru 3am Saturday and Sunday, all this still needs to be approved. 
The space can well handle an establishment such as "The American"
The restaurant is the latest brain-child of Xavier Cervera, the long time restauranteur from Capitol Hill, who most famously sold all his restaurants (9 total) on the hill a few years back.
After - Thank You ABRA for resolving this

Because of construction do not expect to see "The American" opening for at least a year.

The official address is :  1209-1213 10th St. NW

OK  I have calmed a little...The artwork by local DC artist Craig Nelson is loved by all the residents of the neighborhood. People tour the alley to see the Street Art and other Art on show, Craig Nelsons pieces have been much loved and photographed by many, residents and visitors alike, and whoever made the decision to plaster Liquor License Applications over the oldest and most well known piece are without respect for art and artists in this city.
As of August 6th 2013

Tweeted 8/5/2013