Quick Shots #15: The Crane at "City Market at O Street" is gone!

This is the first (solo) piece on the "Market at O Street" that I have written. Although the whole project is major to Shaw, there have been no real opportunities to get 'inside' photographs, and in truth, so many other blogs have taken pics of the outside I saw little point on duplicating their efforts.
Today, I was wandering the neighborhood and noticed that the tower crane, that has dominated the skyline at 8th and O Street's was being disassembled and removed. So I thought a few photo's are in order.
The good news is that when these tower cranes are removed, that normally signals a milestone, and with precious few months left before the Giant Store at O Street is due to (re)open, a sign that things are moving in the right direction, and in a timely manner.
By the time I arrived, the final section was all that was left standing
2 Trucks already loaded with the upper portions of the crane
All that was left to do is attach the lift wires to the final section
With that in hand, the last section was brought to the ground
Maybe in the coming weeks there will be the opportunity for 'hard-hat' tours and we might finally get to see the building from the inside. The Giant Store is due to (re)open in November, and the neighborhood is really looking forward to that.