La Colombe Camion Arrive à Washington DC (Exclusive First Look)

UPDATE: 9/11/2013 Announcement

La Colombe will be participating in Shaw Open House on Saturday 14th. Yes they will be "serving espresso and drip coffee in the alley out of the truck"  Greg Smith, Manager of the new La Colombe location, has informed me. "We are looking forward to meeting our neighbors"
For those folks that don't know the location....its next door to Rogue24, in Blagden Alley, between M and N Streets NW.
Shaw Open House is from 2pm till 5pm on Saturday 14th. I'll be there, look forward to seeing you there to.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters baby blue Citroen has arrived in Washington DC. 
Yesterday I reported that the slab had been poured and so the floor was now in at the new location, today I took some cool photographs of the La Colombe Truck....and as you can see below things in Blagden Alley have not changed all that much over the past 100 years (well nearly 100)
Top: Circa 1924 / Bottom: Circa 2013
Greg Smith, La Colombe' DC Manager tells me that you should see the truck out and about very soon, that he is planning to be part of some of the upcoming Shaw events. "Obviously we have to get through the permit process first, before we can start to serve, but we will be on the streets promoting La Colombe before that".
The truck, a 60's Citroen, is fully set up to provide every coffee aficionado there daily blast (or two) 
La Colombe will be open soon and as the truck says "Un Putain de bon Cafe" will be in Shaw/DC
Its really exciting to see the arrival of the truck, and to know that the La Colombe location will be open soon.

Blagden Alley has the potential to become one of the hottest spots in DC, besides La Colombe, Rogue 24 is already thriving, Blagden Alley Social Club is just around the corner, Xavier Cervera announced "The American" (the garden patio is only 30 ft from La Colombe) and Douglas Developments "Gang of Three" has a restaurant that will face the Alley (also within feet of La Colombe). The plan for the "Flats at Blagden Alley" on 1212 9th Street also included a new restaurant, we will have to see if the new owners of that project retain the restaurant in their plans, and of course there is the 'mysterious' restaurant, Continental at 1230 9th, that will back onto the same area of the alley (if they ever complete it!)

Look out for the 'baby blue' Citroen on the streets of Shaw, and around DC.