Morrison-Clark Historic Inn and Restaurant Nears Completion

The incorporated Chinese Church Facade from a guest balcony
I have been fortunate over the last year to follow the making (or re-making) of one of Washington's best boutique hotels. The Morrison-Clark Inn is nearly ready to open its new extension, that doubles its rooms, and re-configures the lobby.
This is still somewhat of a construction-in-progress, but we are talking weeks away from opening not months, so the finished product is there to see, and when they open you should visit just to see it.
The lobby adorned with garnet colored chandeliers
The lobby will take your breath away. Located now on L Street NW (moved from 11th Street) you will enter through the restored facade of the Chinese Church, and enter into a world of Euro/Asian chic.
Backlit Onyx Counter
Lit by beautiful garnet colored chandeliers, the lobby has plenty of 'eye-candy'  a customer service desk with its backlit onyx counter-top, custom Raku kimono robes created by a local artist and wooden trellises set the theme as soon as you enter.
A local artist designed these Raku kimono robes
Every detail created to delight the guests
Of the lobby, in the old Parsonage, a library, sitting room, carefully restored with old mantle and fireplace will provide a comfortable and quiet space for guests to relax.
Original fireplace and mantle in the Parsonage
Just a word on the Parsonage. It is rare that you see a building so wonderfully restored, all of the buildings highlights, the wonderful carved wood staircase provides an historic way down from the guest rooms. Stained glass and architectural details all restored to be appreciated again.
Restored stairs allow guests another way down to the lobby
The rooms in the Parsonage, which I believe, represent the highest number in the expansion, make for an interesting stay, and although not furnished yet, show the history of the building and give the Inn's guests a choice of layout, it seems that no two rooms are the same. A fireplace? a Bath? a choose.
Restored stained-glass window in guest room - so unique
Leaded Chinese designed windows overlook L Street NW
2 of the guest rooms have huge patio's over the front facade
The new interior courtyard is bigger, with more open space that will easily accommodate a formal party or wedding. I am told it will be heavily 'greened' and will have at least one water feature. An iron gated street entrance will allow non-staying guests access from L Street NW.
Glass covered walk-ways traverse the Inns activities - here from the restaurant to the lobby
The courtyard is also where the entrance to the historic stable is located, which is now a 2 - story suite. The structure, one of DC's oldest still standing, has been carefully restored, and re-purposed, ensuring that it will still be standing 100 years more.
Restored exterior and interior make a fun suite to stay in
All of these historic features are now reached via glass covered walk-ways which traverse both exterior and interior segments of the Inn, including the soon to re-open restaurant.
Glass Walkways throughout
Wonderful Asian inspired wooden trellis
Located in its original spot, the once-popular restaurant will open again this year. (more on this at a later date as the plans are finalized)
Soon to be re-opened, the much loved restaurant
I will stop at this point. I have requested another walk-through when the rooms etc. are furnished, the restaurant plan finalized and other building activities are completed...look out on the Badwolfdc Blog for an update soon.

My very special thanks to Erin Sterling, Senior Sales Manager at The Morrison-Clark Historic Inn, for the walk-through and information for this article.