Umaya Looking at Spring 2015 Opening

Umaya, the new izakaya-style restaurant on 10th Street NW (1/2 block from CityCenterDC) is pushing for a Spring opening. In a new article in Dining BIZNOW we get a little more information;
"A hot summer evening in Japan means a trip to the beer garden—often perched atop a bustling department store of all places. There, the Japanese sip on refreshing chuhais (shochu-based cocktails), ice-cold Sapporo and snacks that compliment drinking. Come spring 2015, Washingtonians will be able to experience something similar at Umaya. The forthcoming restaurant located near CityCenterDC will offer an izakaya-style menu featuring everything from yakisoba and yakitori to rare cuts of sushi. We previewed what to expect from sous chef Calvin Yin, chef Munehiro Yonemoto, and Marco Maffeo-Robinson, whom we snapped (see below). Calvin and Munehiro have worked together at Arlington's Sushi Rock and Kushi, while Marco most recently crafted cocktails at POV.".......unedited from Dining BIZNOW website
Photograph from Dining BIZNOW
 More on this new restaurant as it gets closer to opening