Phone App's: Cities Talking™ Come's to DC

For many years, art galleries and museums have offered ‘audio tours’ which provide expert and curated bespoke commentary through a pair of headphones as quests traverse collections.

Now, thanks to a savvy combination of GPS-driven navigation, technology and smartphones, the Cities Talking™ App offers this same curated and bespoke service via an expert audio guide that walks and talks you through various exciting cities including London, Washington DC(New), Paris and Venice at your own pace right off your mobile device.

The Cities Talking™ App offers intimate and up-to-date audio guided tour walks around cities all over the world providing fascinating, funny and simply-amazing information about the best known attractions in each city, as well as those more off-the-beaten-track.

The unique App provides tourists with a new way to experience 30 cities around the world.
"Every city we produce a walk for is carefully created and considered, so that each person experiencing the Cities Talking™ App feels as though they are enjoying the city they are visiting in a very meaningful and memorable way."
Now the Cities Talking™ App is available for an audio-guided walking tour of Washington DC. If you have guests coming to town, or you want to try this out yourself, the App is available for both iOS or Android.
There is a cost, the download is free, but you pay $6.99 for the City (not only Washington) which is great if you are traveling, say, to London or Madrid. (Cities Talking™ currently covers 30 cities worldwide)
Having used the App in London, Badwolfdc can recommend this App, and suggests that you have your visiting guests download before they go and see the sites we have to offer (or if you are traveling yourself)

iOS: Download at iTunes

Android: Download at GooglePlay