MVT: The Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District (MVT CID) announces the resignation of current President, Claire Schaefer Oleksiak

BADWOLFDC:  A number of media outlets have published this information, I just wanted to get my "two-penneth" worth in.....
I have know Claire for a while, always as Pres. of MVTCID. I have had the pleasure of sitting and talking about Mount Vernon Triangle with Claire, and I think, have an idea of her objectives for the neighborhood. This is a big (& sad) loss for the neighborhood and although I am really happy that Claire has found something that I know she will succeed at, in her home town (that must be a wonderful feeling) I believe that the loss to Mount Vernon will take time to get over. The MVT has grown substantially under Claire's watch - it may never reach the heights of development again - and the care and discipline needed to balance growth with neighborhood that Claire projected will be hard to replace. Let's hope we get lucky (again)

I will miss you Claire - thank you

Here is the complete Press Release:
The Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District (MVT CID) announces the resignation of current President, Claire Schaefer Oleksiak, as she takes on a new position with the parks department in her home town of Madison, Wisconsin.
 Mount Vernon Triangle CID Board Chairman, Dr. Joseph Evans, noted the important contributions Oleksiak made over the past two and a half years, saying, “The Board of Directors and the Mount Vernon Triangle community are incredibly grateful for Claire’s transformational accomplishments during a very important time in the life of our neighborhood. From her work to support and enhance our Clean and Safe teams to all of the exciting neighborhood events and the establishment of our seasonal FRESHFARM Market, Claire expressed a passion for the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood and its residents, businesses and visitors. Her work with District agencies, the commercial brokerage and development communities and the ANC contributed to significant economic development gains for the neighborhood, including the signing of multiple retail and office headquarters leases and acquisitions. Claire’s commitment to placemaking, welcoming nature and energy will be greatly missed. We wish her all the best in her new position in Madison.”
“Working for the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District has been an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience,” said Oleksiak. “The MVT CID is truly an exceptional neighborhood with involved stakeholders who bring hard work, intelligence, creativity, thoughtfulness and a community-minded focus to everything we do. I am extremely proud of our accomplishments and I am excited to watch the MVT continue to thrive.”
An executive search process led by the Executive Committee of the MVT CID Board of Directors and managed by executive search consultant, Louise Stoner Crawford, has been launched to conduct a national search for Oleksiak’s successor. The job description can be accessed at and interested candidates can contact Ms. Stoner Crawford at