9th Street NW is Bursting with Activity - 3 Months On

So its been three months since Badwolfdc hit the blogosphere. We have grown at a very rapid rate - thank you - as has the 9th Street corridor. Watching the growth day-by-day has been extremely frustrating, anticipating change and (wrongly) thinking that things are going so slowly. Last week I was cleaning (blog) house and realized that the very first posting was "9th Street is Bursting with Activity" and skipping quickly through it I realized that so much has happened and changed, that I felt an update was due...so here it is. Some content was featured in the first blog-post, and most has been covered in this blog since, but, I believe, seeing it in one place helps to gauge the volume of new business and the speed that it has all happened.
Up it goes and on time for next May
Spanning 9th and Mass. Ave, L Street and 10th, the new Marriott Marquis is well on the way, and its May 2014 opening date will be met.The Marriott Phase 2 Plan, raised it head for the first time back in April, this will add 2 additional hotels ( a Residence Inn and a Courtyard ) On the North side of L Street and spanning half of the 1100 block on 9th Street. The "blighted" properties on 9th Street will be renovated and incorporated into the new hotels, maintaining a 'look' that will maintain the historic aspect of the neighborhood. Still early days, look for a late 2015/early 2016 start.
Baby Wale's Bar will seat 50!!
Past the new Marriott's also on 1100 block of 9th Street, and coming from Tom Power of Corduroy fame, Baby Wale looks to open in August. Located right next door to Corduroy (1122 9th Street) Baby Wale sports a bar that will seat 50, and customers can sample lobster rolls, pupusas and roast chicken in an environment which is meant to have a relaxed, pub-like feel.
1212 9th Street a planned condominium and retail property
Walking North, there is an area that has either planned construction or construction in progress; At 1212 9th Street, the planned development, which is approved, provides for a four story Condominium that includes a small ground floor retail space. The condominium would stretch back into Blagden Alley.
Douglas Development's "Gang of Three"
Adjacent to this planned structure are three historic townhouses, 1216 to 1228 9th Street known as Douglas Development's "Gang of Three"  (I still can't find out what happened to the missing house numbers), work to renovate the properties has started, and when complete will be commercial/offices, facing 9th Street, and a restaurant facing Blagden Alley. There has also been some conversation about retail and condo space, but these are not in the property renderings.
Opposite to these two new developments is the established Old Dominion Brewhouse, and the music venue "Beats"  (previously named 9th & Beats)
Continuing on the 1200 Block, development of Fino, Italian Restaurant of Georgetown fame, planned a move to 1230 9th Street, construction of this project seems to have been halted, and as yet no further information seems to be forthcoming. What would be, Fino is next door to the super successful Wagtime Pet Spa & Boutique, and then

Longview Gallery are renovating the (white) building on the right and doubling capacity
The Longview Gallery, who have just announced plans to double its size/capacity by remodeling the adjacent property, this is due to be completed by October this year.

Across from The Longview Gallery the DC Convention Center is actively looking for retail tenants to fill the east side of the 1200 block , as well as N Street between 9th and 7th.

Rendition of the corner of 9th Street and N Street, design includes 70 apartments & 2 Restaurants
The final portion of the 1200 block, the corner with N Street, is made up of an old apartment building (also home to Fight Club) and space previously used by Old City Green. The space now has approval for a new apartment building with 71 luxury apartments, with restaurant and retail space. As of writing, a well known restaurant has signed to take 9th Street facing space. Ground Breaking on this development is set for August 2013.

On N St. at 9th of course is Table, named "Best New Restaurant" by Washington City Paper. Chef Frederik de Pue, of Smith Commons fame, announces in bright white letters TABLE. This is a restaurant that is now an established part of the 9th Street corridor.

Every block of 9th Street,is filling up fast with restaurants and business's, but non more than the 1300 block. Ali Bagheri and Daniel O'Brien, have 'literally' cornered the marketplace at the 9th Street entrance to Naylor Court, with Seasonal Pantry (a specialty food market), SUNdeVich (an independent sandwich shop) and now A & D (a neighborhood bar).
The North corner of 9th and  N Street still have available space, but a new cafe, Thally, a bistro style restaurant, will be opening in August 2013 at 1316 9th between Seasonal Pantry and Vita lounge, the old Mood Lounge now renamed, with the addition of Penthouse 9 (PH9) on the upper floor.
Thally, due to open August 2013
Adjacent to Vita Lounge is world famous, Interior Designer Daryl Carter's up-scale workshop and showroom at 1320 9th St. Daryl Carter made an art out of renovating 4 separate buildings, that back on to Naylor Court.
Daryl Carter Showroom and Workshop
Between Daryl Carter and O Street there are 2 'public' business's CherCher Ethiopian Restaurant
Ethiopian food at Cher Cher a hidden gem
and Azi's Cafe. A neighborhood favorite and meeting place, where the (internet) connected gather for coffee and pastries
Diagonally across from Azi's Cafe is the monster development of the O Street Market. The O Street Market complex will include 395 market rate apartments and 145 condos on 9th & P Street's, 80-plus affordable senior rental units at 7th & P Street's,  The Cambria Suites with 189 hotel rooms at 9th and O Street, 10,000 square feet of retail on O and 8th Street's, as well as a 6,000 square foot restaurant along with 500 underground parking spaces. The actual "City Market at O" is located on the 1400 block of 7th Street NW. and the Giant Food supermarket will be the anchor store, and take up the ground floor of the entire block (7th,8th,O,P). The "City Market at O" section (Giant) will open in November. 
Dolci Gelati has already signed up and expects an early spring 2014 opening.
The Leasing Offices are already open for business at City Market at O. The first section, including the Giant Food, are due to open in October/November 2013
On the north side of P Street at 9th, construction is well on the way at the "Burmese" Restaurant Mandalay, the latest opening date is now July 2013 according to chef Aung Myint
Rendition of Mandalay at 9th and P Street - expect a July opening
We are now at the final block of 9th that I keep a close eye on. Here there are 3 properties that I am tracking:
1505 9th Street a 'slip' of land next to "Queen of Sheba" restaurant
At 1505 9th Street, which is a lot just 15 feet or so wide, approval has been given, in mid June, for the developer to build a 4 story, 4 Unit Condominium, as of writing no construction has begun.
Lady Lisa’s Beauty Salon soon to be Swatchroom an Art Gallery and Studio
At 1537 9th Street, a new gallery and studio "Swatchroom" has garnered approval from the DC Zoning Board and will be working on renovations and re-purposing of the space (from a Beauty Shop)

The Carter G. Woodson Home at 1538 9th Street -  Empty and dilapidated, such a shame
And finally, Carter G. Woodson Home National Historic Site; If I have a rant to make about the 9th Street corridor (as I view it) this would be it. The National Park Service should be ashamed at how this property has been allowed to disintegrate. The District has done little to push for its preservation and renovation and so it sits, a little out of the way, where 9th Street meets Rhode Island Ave. 
Development is moving along 9th Street, South from U Street and North from Mass Ave. so maybe when it all meets up, someone will do something and one of the city's historic sites, honoring an important African-American leader, will be restored physically, and restored in the minds of DC residents.

9th Street NW looking North, from the  Marriott Marquis
So, that's my view of 9th Street NW. growing or if you like bursting with activity. The effect of the new O Street Market, which is on track for a Fall Opening, and the construction of the Marriott Marquis, which opens in May 2014, bookends the little spot of DC, I call home. 9th Street is already transitioning ,building and remodeling itself  for the future.

Change is the word for 9th Street and holding on to the essence of the neighborhood
will be the challenge for its residents


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