Pekoe Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic; A Tour, and Meet the Owner Nicole Mires

The lobby immediately puts you at ease
As reported on July 18th, Pekoe Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic is now open on 9th Street NW. I dropped by to speak to the owner, Nicole Mires, and to see what services Pekoe offers (I know that many of my readers are already Pekoe clients). Nicole showed me around the new location and spoke about her move to Shaw from downtown, a move that looks likely to benefit both Nicole's business and the neighborhood. 
First a little about the location. Pekoe is on two floors, the main floor has two spacious acupuncture rooms, a shop for herbal remedies, vitamins and digestive and detox supplements, and the wonderfully decorated lobby. 
A full range of supplements and remedies are available
On the lower floor there are two massage rooms, consulting rooms and a large space for yoga, and Thai Yoga Massage. Nicole is "thrilled with the new location" and the space to offer a wide range of wellness services. Nicole, explained how she has taken her business from a single room to this new clinic is herself one of the Pekoe acupuncture practitioners. Pekoe Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic was previously on NY Ave NW, where Nicole had a successful and growing clinic, and was awarded "Best of DC 2013" by The Washington City Paper.
Voted by its clients as Best of DC 2013. The best form of recomendation
Pekoe offers a number of services that may be new to some people, "Thai Massage, Acupuncture and Deep Tissue Massage are the three most popular services" says Nicole, "but there is growing awareness of the other services we offer, and we are seeing good growth in these areas. For example, The Integrated Health Consultations  include diet and lifestyle recommendations, yoga, bodywork, and herbal remedies and Functional Medicine/Lab Testing that evaluates organ and systems functions rather than looking for a specific disease". Also available, see the Pekoe web site for full list and description, and of note, Reiki  (a form of spiritual healing) and the popular Reflexology.
On the first floor, one of two Acupuncture rooms
Pekoe does have gift certificates, so you can give a healthy gift to a friend or family member. 
Pekoe Acupuncture and Wellness Center is located at 1410 9th Street NW, so drop by Pekoe and welcome Nicole, and staff to Shaw.


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