Thally Update - Soft Opening 2nd Week of August

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Update 8/16/2013: Photographs (top of post)
Update 8/15/2013: Photographs (top of post)
Update 8/8/2013: Photograph (1) top of post
Update 7/26/2013: Photographs, Content (bottom of post)

Update 8/16/2013
The artwork is up at the restaurant and "Wow" its local, and it pays homage to the Alley's of Shaw - ya gotta love it.

The blackboards (over the main seating) let you the heritage of the neighborhood (photograph Lisa Amore)
The mural pays homage to the livery and stables of the Shaw Alley's (photograph Lisa Amore)

Update 8/15/2013
No comments to make, except - it is really, really soon
The bar is almost complete, and it is long (and sweet)
Yes, those are the beer taps
And if wine is your 'tipple' your not forgotten
Of course you visited Thally to eat, well the kitchen is ready

Update 8/8/2013
The work is going at a frantic pace as finishing's arrive and the soft opening draws nearer
I just love this sliding menu board, maintains the historic feel of the stables while offering a practical way of advertizing the wares at Thally
So the word is out, Thally are planning their soft opening for the 2nd week in August.
For those who have followed the Badwolfdc blog, and have anticipated this, your wait is over.
I dropped by Thally today and had a chat with Sherman Outhuok, and to a lesser degree with Ron Tanaka, about their plans (Note: I am not talking food/drink/menus - yet) The restaurant is a bit chaotic today, with equipment and furnishings arriving, and workers doing the finishing. So I thought it best to hold off on lots of photographs for the most part, today.
As you have seen from past photo's on this blog, the 2100 sq ft, property is very deep, this allows for some well designed and thought out spaces. The bar, will be black absolute granite, 28 feet long and seat 14 comfortably, arrived today the back-bar cabinets are hand crafted in Quebec (as yet not installed). The windowed bay facing 9th Street NW, will feature a godfather table (Mr Outhuok suggested that at some time in the future, removable windows could be installed and/or a skylight above the bay - sweet). There is private dining space in the rear, a room with locally sourced tiling as its base, with wood to the ceiling (see early picture below) Between the entrance door and the private dining area, the wall will have the bulk of its seating, locally sourced, cantilevered tables.
In progress, the private dining area features locally sourced tile, and wood to complete. While the brick wall will stay as is, a local artist will provide a mural (of Blagden/Naylor) on the rear wall (one of two)
Mr Outhuok explained that artwork, by a local artist, will use Blagden Alley/Naylor Court as its subject matter, two pieces are envisioned, one on the wall of the private dining room and the other between the bay window and the bar. Mr Outhuok explained that the sensitivity of the neighborhood and its history factored highly in their design plans, and from what I can tell both he and Ron Tanaka are true to their word.
Hand crafted in Quebec, the back-bar cabinetry arrived today
 Mr. Outhuok told me that they plan a Tuesday night thru Sunday night schedule,(closed on Mondays) and also plan to offer weekend only lunches. Mr. Tanaka has full control of the menu, which will change seasonally, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients.

The plan is for the Thally website to be active next week sometime, you can click here or type when it becomes available.

NEW: the Thally Facebook page is up!!!!

Oh and if you want to be really cool, the name is pronounced with a silent H - so Tally - like Tally ho!

Just on a personal note; both Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Outhuok, were both, extremely gracious with their time and freely gave information on their plans. I have a feeling that after all the hullabaloo of the opening is over they will have won over many new clients and friends from Shaw, Logan and all over DC.

Update 7/26/2013

The bar arrived and has been installed (this morning) A beautiful 28 feet of black absolute granite with leather finish (sweet) The bar will comfortably seat 14 people, and the smooth black surface complements the grey ceramic tile floor (wood finish).
The bar is 28 feet of black absolute granite with a leather finish
Which ever way you view it, the bar is impressive


  1. Sherman, I can't wait to see it for myself and share a cocktail with you once more! Miss your wonderful spirit and delicious drinks! This place is going to be awesome! See you soon!
    - Shabs


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