First Look: Marriott Marquis Lobby Sculpture Arrives

Update 7/18/2013 Added Artist Information (bottom of post)

My first update on the Marriott Marquis, since the exclusive inside look. I had mentioned the large sculpture due to be installed in the lobby. So large in fact that it has to be delivered in pieces and re-assembled. So for the last few days opposite the hotel, this has been happening, and here is a first look at the 5 story high structure;
5 story high chrome sculpture being re-assembled
Cherry Pickers hoist the artist and supplies during assembly (the black cover is where he is working)
The view from L Street NW gives a different perspective
We will be following this re-assembly closely and updating regularly, until it is in place in the new Marriott Marquis lobby, stay tuned here......

Update 7/18/2013
When I wrote the original piece, I did not have the information on the artist. I have confirmed through Hensel Phelps, that the artist is Rodney Carroll of Baltimore. Although Rodney Carroll is recognized nationally for his large scale sculptures awarded through public and private art commissions, I believe that we can claim Mr. Carroll as a local artist.
Some of his commissions are the Maryland Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Annapolis, Firebird, at Symphony Center plaza, Baltimore and the courtyards of The Madrigal Lofts and Yale Laundry in Washington DC.
"Aria" by Rodney Carroll installed at The Madrigal
To learn and see more about Rodney Carroll’s work, visit his website at