Dolci Gelati Cafe Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

So we have a National Ice Cream Month - why not! Who could not like that? - well maybe some lactate intolerant folks I guess! ( hey guy's of course the Sorbet is lactate free).
Among the first to announce what to expect is Dolci Gelati Cafe, who are using the period to promote its new store in Takoma Park, and undoubtedly to remind everyone that later this year, when the "O Street Market" opens in Shaw, Dolci Gelati will be one of the first retail business's to open in this hot new destination. 
Like an artists palette, but with flavor as well as color
Anastasia Dellaccio stated in an email to me, "I’m so excited that this year we can celebrate the National Ice Cream month at our new store in Takoma Park!…that means we can create infinite possibilities of delicious deals that we can bring you!"

July !! Red White and Blue Month
Throughout the months, Dolci Gelati Café will prepare different promotions, flavors and pastries.

Here is a hint on what is going on this month at Dolci Gelati Café:

July 4th – Happy Independence Day: Refresh your day with our homemade Sorbetto Popsicles – Peach, Lemon, Mix Berry, Pineapple and Strawberry Yogurt.

July 9th – National Sugar Cookie Day: Give your day a sweet touch with our Italian Cannoli filled with chocolate ganache made by our talented Pastry Chef Gianluigi Dellaccio.

July 15th – National Ice Cream Day: Make this day even better and celebrate with Gelato and some special Italian Pastry Tarts.

July 17th – Peach Ice Cream Day: Stop by at Dolci Gelati Café and have some Peach Yogurt Gelato, and get fresh peach for topping as a courtesy.

July 23rd – Vanilla Ice Cream Day: Want to give a special touch to your Gelato? Free toppings all day.

Oh My Gosh...I am on my way to Takoma Park right now!

Anastasia say's she "will post on Facebook, updates about the events through the month." So I would certainly hit 'like' to keep up. As for me, when Dolci Gelati opens in Shaw you can count me as one of the first through the door.