Quick Shots #12: The Houses on K Street NW are Moving Again

Update 8/4/2013 added a few photographs (bottom of post)
Update 7/23/2013 Added a few more photos (bottom of post)
Update 7/18/2013 Added a few photos (bottom of post)
Back in late April we reported that the first of the historic buildings was moved to its permanent position as part of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) new headquarters at 655 K Street NW. In June we reported that the other buildings would be "positioned" in Mid Jul. Today, Clark Construction have started the "the long haul" (weak joke) of repositioning the remaining structures.
House on Wheels! Rolling into position
Its a very complicated piece of equipment used to move buildings
Gotta line it up right with the first building installed
Next Up! These two homes are actually one structure
OK I spared you all the photographs, hopefully these few shots give an idea of the scope of the procedure. I will be visiting the site (Thanks Clark Construction) daily update the progress and continue to add to the gallery, stay tuned here......

Update 7/18/2013
Positioned to move back from the street and into place
Good view of how this building will sit next to existing historic home
Still waiting for the move
Almost in place, but this house is moving at a slow pace
Perspective of how much more house needs to be "slid" in place
Update 7/23/2013

Building # 3 is now on wheels, waiting in the background while building #2 is waiting for its final placement
Patiently waiting its turn, building #3 is now on wheels
On wheels already, but extra's standing by, just in case
Ready to move!!
Update 8/4/2013
If you hadn't been in DC for 18 months, you would think that the developer was really cleaver the way they built around the houses...there is a familiarity about the streetscape that is quite spooky, but I like it.