Marriott Marquis Photo Gallery and Update

If there is such a thing as a positive vibe, you can feel it on-site at the new Marriott Marquis. A DC project on schedule, and progressing like a SIM City structure. Pride from the builders is well placed, so much could go wrong, but so much is going good.
A little additional info. The rumored Sports Bar will fill almost all of the "new" building ground floor on the 9th Street side, and wrap around on to its L Street NW entrance, the space is huge. Next to the Sports Bar and on also on the 9th street side, will be a coffee bar and on the Mass Ave corner, another small, more intimate bar There is a 'specialty' restaurant at the corner of 10th Street & Mass Ave NW (yes at the pointy bit). If there is any doubt about the revenue potential of the hotel, the company reports that 360,532 rooms have been booked already, with tentative room nights booked at 220,000 there have been 18 new conventions booked since the Marriott Marquis ground breaking. This, of course will also translate into increased revenue for the city and for business's in Shaw and Downtown.

I have been so fortunate to be able to document the progress so far, and here is the latest installment.
On Mass Ave NW the new windows will give our city's guests  floor to ceiling views
The escalators are in place, covered to protect them from dust & debris
The skylight is huge, spanning the whole interior atrium , filling it with light
The challenge to install the skylight trusses requires engineers with circus skills
Called Shoring Towers or Sky Towers, and looking like alien legs from War of the Worlds, the engineers scale these to place each piece of the skylight
15 story sky towers are the platforms for the engineers installing the skylight
The lobby also includes a "sculpture wall" which will be a covered (picture is the skeleton) in the same material as the sculpture
Currently looking like a roller coaster, the wall surrounds nearly 50% of the lobby seating area
The Lobby Sculpture will sit right of the workers and central
Above the lower lobby , glass surrounds the walkway
Windows are in about 50% of the internal rooms
Last time I photographed this wall of windows you could see 10th Street NW
On previous visits the old Union Building had been in demolition mode. Not now! This is the space that will be the new Gym and Fitness Center
Also in the Union Building, Meeting Rooms and "guest suites"
Not much to look at now, but, this is will be the bar in the Sports Bar that L's around 9th & L Streets (the white upright pipes are the bars water supply)
And right on time, as I am leaving the site,  a new skylight truss arrives - always progress

There is still work to do, and you can follow the progress here, so check back soon.....

As before; many thanks to Hensel Phelps, Capstone and Marriott for their help and information, as I continue to document the construction progress.


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