La Colombe DC - From Kabul to Cafe

Update 1/18/2014: Photographs (top of post)
Everything about the place is cool

Its been a few weeks since the last posting about La Colombe in Shaw, DC. As the opening draws near I thought some internal pictures would be in order.When Todd Carmichael came during the early days of construction he tweeted "no this is not Kabul"** back in June.  Now it just looks Kool.
I visited today, and had one of the first "brewed" coffee's at the new La Colombe Cafe in Blagden Alley NW. Work continues, but its really only a week or two away from opening, and 'cosmetics' is the name of the game. Furniture is being installed, the sound system is in, lighting and heating seem complete, and most importantly the coffee making systems are installed. Todd Carmichael, Co-Owner of La Colombe, and Greg Smith, who is the Manager of the new La Colombe Coffee Roasters location had promised one of the latest brew systems, and they have delivered. The Steampunk by Alpha Dominche is installed. There are only five Steampunk machines in the U.S., and La Colombe owns all of them. 
The Brew Systems are up and running
OK you can be jealous, my first La Colombe Coffee in DC

And here it is - The Steampunk - installed and ready to serve you

Cool Speakers fill the cafe with music
Furniture is installed - its mostly cosmetic work from now till opening

So, yes you can get excited. It is only a matter of a week or so (inspections permitting) before the opening. 
Keep coming back to this post for updates (there are more photographs and a finalized date will appear here)