MVT: Dacha Beer Garden Part Deux?

UPDATE: 2/4/2014 - ANC6E votes to support Liquor License.

Dacha Beer Garden are looking to open a second location (currently they are at 7th and Q Street NW) this time in Mount Vernon Triangle.
Dacha Beer Garden has applied for 'support' from ANC6E for their second location at 923-25 5th Street NW. The application is part of the agenda for the ANC's February meeting.

"923-25 5th Street, NW (Dacha Beer Garden 2): Request for Support for Stipulated and Permanent Restaurant Class T Liquor Licenses for New Outdoor Beer Garden (Daci, Inc.)"
 According to Washington City Paper's Young & Hungry;
"Co-owner Dmitri Chekaldin tells Y&H that the lease at 923-925 5th St. NW is still being finalized, but if all goes according to plan, the new location could open as soon as this summer. The second beer garden, named Dacha 2, will be twice as big as the original. Chekaldin says he and business partner Ilya Alter plan to build a permanent pavilion on the lot that will house the bar and some seating. The majority of the space will be filled with picnic tables and also green space with nooks and crannies where people can congregate.
Both Dacha locations will have the same menus, and both will also be open in the mornings for coffee. Chekaldin says people will be welcome to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi at both places during the day. The food menus are still in the works, but expect sausages and other simple, affordable snacks."

So nothing is set yet, approvals, permits etc. would have to be had, but, ANC6E is an aggressive group that gets things done, so if their are no major objections I am guess that we could have a second Dacha by this summer.
Dacha Beer Garden at 7th and Q Street NW
MVTriangle Blog has some neat photo's of blank slate site for development