Quick Shots #41: Table Reduced in Height in Shaw

After much disagreement over the past year, it seems a compromise has been reached. The small structure out-side of the top restaurant, Table at 9th & N Street's NW has been modified. What used to be about 6 feet tall is now about 4 feet. (personally I liked it taller - still I guess I'll get used to it). For those who are not aware, Table, has no alley access, and nowhere to place its waste, so rather than display trashcans et. al. outside of the restaurant a small (and attractive) enclosure was created...the DC Gov't did not like the structure, and the battle ensued....so truce? don't know!
Reduced exterior structure
Original structure (before the plants were added)


  1. It was a HPRB issue (historic). The structure couldn't be over a certain height, I think due to the window perhaps? It is a compromise, but hopefully this will make the other issues go away as we all love this neighborhood restaurant! Now they just need to replace the plantings!

    1. Correct on all counts. Now the weather is getting better I am sure the plantings will get done


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