Quick Shots #48: There is More Than Retail at City Center to be Excited About - Part Two

I decided that a second post was necessary about the "other" exciting goings on at City Center. I have been following the retail  and I did a small piece on the exterior areas as well as some of the events that City Center has been putting on with their partners. Now I am looking at the major restaurant's.
There have been many many rumors about who is coming to City Center, obviously the interest is high.
So I am looking at the restaurants that are announced, and in the construction phase. The pictures are really boring, but they show location, just so you get the idea.

First, At 950 Eye St. NW. Permits have been issued and posted, for construction of first-time tenant. Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House will be huge. The restaurant will seat a total of 368 (on 3 story's) 80 on the lower level, 89 on the first floor and 199 on the second floor. The restaurant is located at the Northern Entrance to the Plaza at City Center, on the corner with Eye Street NW.
Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House at 950 Eye Street NW
Second,  931 H St. NW,  will be the home of  DBGB Kitchen & Bar(DC), here is the website for NYC with menu. The restaurant, from NY chef Daniel Boulud, will seat 150 on the first floor, 15 at the bar and 54 on the second floor for a total of 219, the occupancy load is 282. ( additionally, a Summer Garden seating 78 and a Sidewalk Café seating 44 )The restaurant is located at the Southern Entrance to the Plaza at City Center on the corner of H Street NW.

Great location for DBGB Kitchen & Bar(DC)
H Street NW facing with Plaza at City Center access
OK, now this is all that City Center have announced and have associated locations.

Third, confirmed in the press, but as yet no announced location. Richard Sandoval is bringing "Mango Tree, an upscale Thai restaurant. The flagship Mango Tree is in London and features dishes from Thailand's four regions, according to its website, including "pla pow, a grilled fillet of sea bass wrapped in banana leaf and fresh lemon grass served with spicy lime sauce, larb pla tuna, a north-eastern-style tuna salad with dry chilli and lemon grass or gaeng kiew wan gai, corn-fed chicken in green curry." Photos on the restaurant's site show tables with white tablecloths and brightly colored napkins.".

Finally,  rumors and excitement abound, but City Center has tempered all attempts by press & bloggers alike to place other restaurants at the site. The latest of these is David Chang's Momofuku. Everyone who actually knows, has denied these reports. In a recent EaterDC article,
"Hines managing director Howard Riker had no comment but does confirm there are now commitments for all of City Center's restaurant spaces (aside from a small 1,200 square foot spot looking for a fast-casual concept). Transactions are being finalized and he expects to make big announcements this month."  and that "Riker's happy with the future lineup of food options, which includes a mix of full service sit-down options, grab and go, and fresh poultry, meat, and fish meant for off-premise consumption."
I can't remember a project that has created so much buzz, but what I am learning is that patience is the wisest path in this (and other) situations.

More to come, as further announcements are made.