WASHINGTON DC: Black Restaurant Group Teams with Republic Restoratives will Offer Half-Price Cocktails on October 11 to Celebrate Launch

Sadie’s New Ride
As a committed supporter of homegrown businesses, Black Restaurant Group will launch a unique partnership with Republic Restoratives Distillery, located in Ivy City, by placing cocktails crafted with CIVIC Vodka on every beverage menu. At Tilt Side Bar and the newly re-opened Addie’s Restaurant, CIVIC Vodka will be the rail option. As leaders in the DC craft distillery movement, Republic Restoratives emphasizes community and authenticity in a way that resonates with the Black Restaurant Group team. CIVIC Vodka is distilled exclusively from North American corn and charcoal polished for a crisp finish perfect for craft cocktails.

Beginning October 11, diners can head to participating Black Restaurants for CIVIC Vodka cocktails. As part of the launch, all featured cocktails will be half priced on October 11 only. Black Restaurant Group will donate proceeds to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts as part of an ongoing charitable campaign.

  •   Addie’s Restaurant
o 1909, CIVIC Vodka, St. Elder, lime, lemon wheel
o Little House on the Pike, CIVIC Vodka, Giffard Passionfruit, Rothman Crème de Violette, lemon and lime
  • BlackSalt Restaurant
Party Partisan
o Party Partisan, CIVIC Vodka, hibiscus, Allspice, lemon
  • Republic
o Sadie’s New Ride, CIVIC Vodka, pineapple, rhubarb, orange, Angostura
  • Pearl Dive Oyster Palace
C'est Si Bon
o C'est Si Bon Cocktail, CIVIC Vodka, house cassis, lime, lemon, simple syrup
  • Black Jack
o Mercy, CIVIC Vodka, pineapple, passion fruit, Peychaud
  • Tilt Side Bar
o Iron Chic, CIVIC Vodka, cream sherry, passion fruit, bitters
  • Black’s Bar and Kitchen
o Orange & Root, CIVIC Vodka Blood Orange, House Ginger Bier, Lime,
  • Black’s Market Bistro does not serve hard alcohol