WASHINGTON DC: Gables Day Volunteers Make a Difference at Sasha Bruce Youthwork

Yesterday was Gables Day in Washington DC, a day of service for more than 100 associates of Gables Residential who spent the day volunteering at Sasha Bruce Youthwork, a community based nonprofit agency which seeks to improve the lives of homeless, runaway and disconnected youth in the nation’s capital.
Once a year, across the country, Gables Residential shuts down office and on-site operations to dedicate their time, resources and money to a good cause supporting the community. All Gables associates have the opportunity to volunteer for a day of service in their region, partnering with a local cause that provides housing, education or other important services to those needing just a little more in their lives. Gables is proud to be supported by their long-term vendors in donating money or supplies to further the success of the cause.
The Gables team in Washington did extensive work at Sasha Bruce House, the organization’s main shelter, as well as Re*Generation House, a transitional living program that provides supervised apartment living for youths age 18-21 who are unable to live at home. The work completed included resurfacing a basketball court, painting, landscaping and general cleanup. Gables also donated and installed a new stove and new washers and dryers.
“The partnership with Gables is truly remarkable,” said Deborah Shore, Executive Director and Founder of Sasha Bruce Youthwork. “There is huge need for the work and programs of Sasha Bruce Youthwork in the community. Today's economy in Washington is particularly tough on the youth and families we serve, and Gables' commitment to our work could not have come at a better time. This experience has been a model of for-profit and nonprofit partnership which others should emulate."
Sasha Bruce House is the District of Columbia’s only short-term, youth specific shelter serving those ages 11-17 years old. The Bruce House offers safety to homeless, abandoned, abused and neglected youth in the District, and works to return young people to safe and stable environments. On-site services at the Bruce House include crisis intervention; individual, group, and family counseling; case management, support shelter for graduates, and temporary respite care.
​Since 2000, Gables employees have contributed more than 117,000 volunteer hours and more than $1.1 million in goods and services.
“Gables is honored to have been able to improve the facilities at Sasha Bruce Youthwork, which has served the Washington community for more than 40 years,” said Jorgen Punda, Regional Vice President of Investments for Gables Residential. “And we are proud to have had more than 100 members of our team participate in our D.C. Gables Day, helping to further our commitment to improve our communities.”