A Master Class by a Master Brewer at La Colombe

If you were fortunate enough to have been at La Colombe in Blagden Alley yesterday (5/22) you experienced a Master Brewer, Todd Carmichael, doing what he knows best, brewing coffee. 
I'm not sure what Todd's expectations were for today's event, the unveiling of his creation "The Dragon", but I am guessing that after 3 hours and 20+ brewing exercises, he will be satisfied that DC is a coffee town after all.
Everybody with a question got an answer
 Todd went through the brewing process of "The Dragon" each time, with deliberation and exactness, stopping all the while to explain to anyone who wanted to know, the what, why and result of each step.
20+ sessions - that's 40 pots of coffee brewed
A Master Class by a Coffee mentor and a teacher anxious to share his passion.
I thought it would be bigger
By my count, well over 200 people showed for the event, and La Colombe was rocking....like a strange new language, people talked of "Steampunks", Cupping and Micro-Lot, of places where coffee plants provide coffee roasters some level of ecstasy, Haiti, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. Some folks just came for their coffee and quiet time, and were drawn into the excitement.
Stopping the Brewing for autographs
Anxious to learn, people just kept coming to see Todd explain coffee & "The Dragon"

Look for a second article about the activities yesterday at La Colombe Cafe in Blagden Alley