Quick Shots #58: Kate Spade Opens Tomorrow (May 16th) at City Center DC

Through Tweets from @Citycenterdc it is now confirmed that Kate Spade will open tomorrow, May 16th,  at City Center DC.....WOW!
I was there today taking some pics and thought that they were close.....and then!!!
Loving it - "See you later NY - Hello DC"
The store looks great, and stocked - and should satisfy the "early shopper". Interesting tid-bit as you can see above the address is 994 Palmer Alley NW....OK y'all know I am an alley guy! (Blagden, Naylor, Shephards et al.) Really enjoying a new alley in DC - GO CITY CENTER DC!
Kate Spade joins TUMI and Alan Edmonds as the first openings of retail at City Center DC...
Welcome Kate
Windows set and covered in NY Taxi's
There is more activity at 800  H Street NW.....follow Badwolfdc and find out what's going on.....