Quick Shots #63: 926 N Street NW - The Pickaxe is Nigh

Today was eventful in many ways, Todd Carmichael was in town for his introduction of "The Dragon" coffee brewing system, DC Lost and Found has a new Glass Garage Door installed, and the security guy at Gang of Three chased me off their property....and, the signage is up at 926 N Street NW. The long awaited project from Suzane Reatig Architecture looks about to begin. They have their contractor in place, Monarc Construction, who are currently working on a 'refurb' of  The Lansburgh and the exterior renovation of The Ontario among other projects. For residents and local business' some disruption is unavoidable, happily Suzane Reatig Arch. is one of the more neighborhood friendly developers. Greg Melcher of BANCA, (Blagden Alley / Naylor Court Assoc.) has laid this out very clearly in recent meetings, with the planned construction at the 9th Street NW alley entrance, and the same on The M Street NW access, all of these projects will disrupt the alley's life, but all the developers are aware that Blagden Alley is still primarily residential, and will make accommodations accordingly.
Suzane Reatig's signage is up at 926 N Street NW - which from personal experience means the bulldozer is not far behind
As a local resident, I am truly happy to see this development begin, and I will be following its growth as closely as I can....