The Marriott Marquis: Guest Ameneties and Things You May Never See

This past week I was fortunate enough to take a tour of the Marriott Marquis, and view some of the areas most of us will not see. (Well, if you stay as a guest you might) So as my 2nd to last article/gallery about Washington DC's newest and largest hotel I will try to cover as many areas I can.
The Main Lobby,  view from the 12th Floor
Bill Wallace, Dir.Sales & Marketing and Mark Indre, Dir. Public Relations led the small tour group through the hotels public areas, and also to areas that are restricted to guests. The majority of the hotel is completed, but some areas are still in their 'finalizing' mode, and according to Bill Wallace,  'teething problems' are few, minor, and being handled expeditiously. You can see my 'very public' photo gallery here below are photographs of some of the lesser known areas, interesting spaces and guest amenities;
There seems to be as much hotel below ground level as there is above, and there is! So I will start this post;
View from lobby main entrance and down
Escalators are the main form of transportation down here

The atrium out-side of the main ballroom is as large as you would expect
Lots of natural light even in the sub-street level
Bill Wallace leads the tour
Dramatic Custom Lighting in the Main Ballroom
Equally dramatic, the carpet of the Main Ballroom
Off of the Ballroom is access to the 5 loading bays (within the Convention Center)
....and underground pedestrian access to the Convention Center exhibit floor
You can avoid the weather by taking the Convention Center Concourse
Through the door and directly into the Expo space
Going lower still you are presented with the 2, 10,000 sq ft, Junior Ballrooms, and a large number (hotel total is 54) of break-out/meeting rooms.
One of the 2 Junior Ballrooms (10,000 Sq Ft + )
Multiple Break-out rooms make this an ideal small convention space
OK I need some sunlight...lets go back above ground......
One of the things that I noticed was that wherever you are in the hotel (above street level) you have postcard views of the lobby or Washington DC. A good example of this is when you go up to the 12th floor Concierge Lounge. (free to Platinum & Gold Marriott Members)
Enter the 6,500 Sq Ft, Concierge Lounge

Outdoor Seating will delight guests and give DC views from 12 floors up
....and of course the fully equipped business center
and the views from up here are spectacular
The rooms at the Marquis are about as High-Tech as you can get anywhere. The fiber internet & telephones, direct hook-up from your tablet etc. to the TV definitely appeal to my geeky side. There are 500 rooms inward facing to the lobby, the remainder, of the 1175 rooms face out overlooking DC.
Everything you expect and more, including a desk that rotates out
What can I say....that looks comfy!
Just one of the many 'postcard' views from the interior windows
OK lets move on to some of the other 'fun' amenities;
Which includes an 8,000 sq ft bi-level fitness center and gym
Every conceivable piece of equipment including some heavy lifting
Not knocking healthy living, but lets move on to some things that are a wee more 'indulgent'
The Marquis offers a very fine Whiskey Bar, "The Dignitary" this really has the feel of a throwback. Very masculine in design, you can imagine cigar smoke wafting through the air, as you relax in some very comfortable chairs......
Ah! winter time around the fire with a scotch and ...oops! I digress
Very unique chair backs
The exterior seating for "The Dignitary" will be opening shortly, and will undoubtedly become a favorite hangout for guests and locals alike.
While we are talking about bars, I need to update my earlier article on the restaurants and bars of the Marriott with - High Velocity, the Marriott Marquis Sports Bar, has 48 Beers On Tap all the time - see some of them below (no I didn't count them....)

I saved the next segment for a reason. Marriott started in DC a long time ago, in 1927,    J Willard Marriott and Alice S Marriott opened a 9 seat root-beer stand just up the street from the new Marriott Marquis. A fact "Anthem" the lobby restaurant pays homage to. At the counter as you enter (yes you can sit there) there are 9 stools, that represent that humble beginning.
9 counter stools represent a remarkable family history
As the years rolled by The Marriott brand grew with the famous "Hot Shoppe" fast casual diner. The Marriott Marquis decided to bring back some of the iconic menu items, that are available at Anthem. I have purposely pictured all of them...for some folks to remember and others to see what was around at the beginning of fast casual dining.
The Mighty Mo / two beef patties / sesame brioche / mighty mo sauce / onion rings
Teen Twist / sugar cured ham / twist roll / American cheese / tartar sauce
Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake / topped with whipped cream and a cherry
Orange Freeze
Anthem is open for Breakfast and Lunch
So that's it till next month's Grand Opening (and also anticipating the final (5th) restaurant announcement)

Keep following the happenings at The Marriott Marquis here at the Badwolfdc Blog.