BETHESDA: 'Tis the Season for Stess! Just Meditate Now Open!

Just Meditate opened the doors to its first studio on Monday November 21, 2016. The studio is based at 4928 St. Elmo Avenue, centrally located near the Bethesda Metro Station and Bethesda Row, in the Woodmont Triangle area of Bethesda, Maryland.

With the rise of meditation’s popularity and proven benefits, you would think there would be meditation studios on every corner. But there aren’t, and finding one place with multiple, convenient classes doesn’t exist. “I wanted a place to go, to learn to meditate, that was convenient with classes that fit my varied schedule,” said founder Amy Thaler. "It just didn’t exist. As a single parent and native Washingtonian, I’ve seen and experienced the stress of this city! While the meditation apps are nice, I wanted a place away from my home, with the energy of other people and a teacher I could talk with.”

That’s precisely why Thaler founded Just Meditate. She wanted a way for people to check their “life” at the door and bring more mindfulness into their daily lives. “Going into the holiday season and on the heels of the election, I think people need to settle themselves and their minds more than ever,” said Thaler. Just Meditate offers customized meditation classes as well as private sessions, all taught by meditation experts and innovators. Classes incorporate ancient meditation practices but are delivered with a secular tone, and are guided so students new and experienced can ease into their practice.

“We want to introduce folks to meditation that wouldn’t ordinarily try a meditation class because of the usual overt spirituality of the experience,” said Patricia Ullman, Just Meditate’s Senior Instructor. “Our goal is to bring meditation mainstream. To deliver it in a clean, secular way that makes people comfortable. Meditation has proven benefits such as improving happiness, creativity, and memory; reduces high blood pressure, pain, stress, and anxiety. We want to share those benefits with our community."
There are eight different types of classes such as “Just Meditate” (the 45 minute signature class), “Just Breathe” (focused on deep breathing), “Just Love” (focused on loving kindness, compassion, and acceptance), and “Just Enough,” an abbreviated signature class (only 30 minutes) making it easier for people this busy holiday season to squeeze in time for their well being. Classes are designed for each theme and are led by instructors with vast experience. For more information on our classes and class schedule, click here.
Just Meditate offers all new students their first class for only $10. Those interested can sign-up online to reserve their cushion at
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