WASHINGTON DC: Ball Through The Fall - 2nd Annual Charity Basketball Tournament - December 17th

On Saturday December 17th, 2016, at 3:00 PM, King's Gold and The Hyyer Life, LLC will be partnering up to bring the public "Ball Through The Fall," their second annual charity basketball tournament used as a fundraiser and a platform to bring awareness to the homeless epidemic sweeping the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.
The holiday season is a time for giving thanks, spending time with family, and most importantly, helping others. That is why King's Gold and The Hyyer Life, LLC in conjunction with numerous other charities and sponsors throughout the DC Metro area are proud to present this tournament as a way to make sure no family goes unfed this season. The goal of this event and fundraiser is to raise a substantial amount in donations to help aide in combating this homeless epidemic in the DMV area. Central Union Mission, Bread For The City, and Capital Area Food Bank will be the 3 benefactors for this year’s event.

What makes this even more special is that this event has been coordinated fully by young millennial individuals who want to give back to the community. Everyone involved in putting everything together is 25 and under and are looking to better the community. Those involved are looking to gain the support of the community and help make this Thanksgiving season a positive one for all.
King’s Gold and The Hyyer Life aim to raise $10,000 to assist in the fight against the homeless epidemic while also raising awareness in the millennial generation. There will be numerous surprise guests, vendors (including a food truck), and quality competition. This event is something for all ages (though 18+ is encouraged) and is sure to leave a lasting impression and create a feel good atmosphere.

Ball Through The Fall location

Eleanor Roosevelt High School, 7601 Hanover Pkwy, Greenbelt

General Admission

To purchase a ticket, donate to our online campaign, and/or learn more about the event, visit BallThroughTheFall.org.


Can't make the event but still want to donate? Be sure to go to GoFundMe.com/CharityBeginsAtHome to help someone in need today!