WASHINGTON DC: Painting Exhibition at the Austrian Embassy - Starts January 17

Paintings from Austria and the USA
Different Dimensions - One Artlove

There is no unifying theory of painting. Manifestos, if they still exist, are not what they used to be. Nor are assemblies or encounters with strangers. Surveys of "capital p" PAINTING suggest that color is important nowadays. Tropics are topical. Monochromes are not monolithic end-alls. A rainbow of monochromes is on the receding née approaching horizon. Domestic themes are in but domesticity, per se, is out. Is it nostalgia? Is it about travel? What do signs say and how are they colored? What do colors say - how do they signify? And what about books?

No matter. 2017. Here we are: two Americans and two Austrians; all of us who make paintings;all of us who use color; brought together by one of us who makes books.

Exhibition will feature recent work by Austrians Daniel Domig and Markus Kircher and Americans Suzy Kopf, and Champneys Taylor.

Exhibition runs from January 17, 2017- February 17, 2017 at the Austrian
Cultural Forum Washington, 3524 International Ct NW

Special Thanks to the Austrian Cultural Forum Washington, http://acfdc.org/

For Inquiries or more info contact;
Suzy Kopf, studio@suzykopf.com