SHAW: Plywood Report for Noddle Dog in Blagden Alley

Noddle Dog is a Hong Kong Style Cocktail Bar that is taking over the old Rogue 24 space in Blagden Alley. It will operate as a bar & restaurant (with some entertainment, primarily occasional Karaoke nights and expect Asian New Year celebrations) and offer Hong Hong inspired food and beverages. The business should have about 97 seats with an occupancy of around 135.
The folks at Noddle Dog have gone through the permitting process and the ANC, and are now starting work converting the space. Its pretty early days, but the demo was swift and anyone who remembers the interior of Rogue 24 will (well!) not recognize it now I don't have expectations on an opening time yet, but I will continue to check (as well as update pictures when I can.

A few more pics of the current work
 It is interesting to see that the 'flat' concrete exterior is the only new structure, once the drywall is removed the original stable walls are still present (much like La Colombe next door) The line-up in that stretch of the Alley will be La Colombe, Noddle Dog, and Village Whiskey.
A special note of thanks to Sherman Outhuok at Tally (on 9th Street) for the heads up on the start of construction and for providing all photographs in this article.

Definitely more to come on this project.