U STREET: SweatBox Rolls Out Additional Classes and Intro SweatBox 101 Class in New Year

Sweat your way to success with SweatBox! To help achieve those “new year, new me” resolutions, SweatBox is offering an introductory class and new starter packages to get DC locals on track for a healthier body in 2017.

Beginning January 1, SweatBox 101 will be offered every Sunday at 12:45 p.m. and is free to anyone interested in becoming acclimated to the program. Attendees will receive step-by-step instruction on how to effectively use the XT trainers for a variety of SweatBox exercises including squats, push-ups, planks and lunges. Participants will also learn their own personal settings for the IC7 Cycles so they’ll be ready to go on their next visit. SweatBox 101 is great way to ease in to the New Year and perfect for those needing some guidance and structure in a new exercise program.

SweatBox also offers introductory packages to help beginners find their stride. For $99, users can purchase their New Client Package featuring three sessions and a MYZONE Heart Rate Monitor (MYZONE valued at $150). The MYZONE is an integral part of the SweatBox experience, as it provides real time data-driven feedback on effort levels during class.

For SweatBox buffs wanting more in the New Year, SweatBox is adding additional classes to its weekend schedule. There will be four classes on Saturdays and three on Sundays, all before noon, enabling participants to pack in a full-body workout and still make it to brunch. For more information or to sign up for a class visit www.sweatboxdc.com.

For more information about Sweat Box and the methodology behind the workout, visit http://sweatboxdc.com
SweatBox is located at
1612 U St NW