ALEXANDRIA: "French Quickie" lunch at Bastille for Those That Need to Eat and Run

Life is busy. Days are filled with work, meetings, appointments and more. It’s good, however, to slowly back away from the desk, the screen or the humdrum household chores and have a decent meal—even if lacking time.

Chef/owners of Bastille, Christophe and Michelle Poteaux, have put together the “French Quickie” menu, a selection of dishes available in the restaurant’s bar and café that are served quickly, deliciously and have guests happily full and on their way. Guests can select any two dishes or drinks on the “French Quickie” menu for $15.95.

Menu options include a daily selection of wine by the glass or on-tap beer; pommes frites; rock shrimp beignets with spicy guacamole and lime; salade Caesar (chicken breast or shrimp may be added as a second item); galette de saison--seasonal flat bread with arugula salad; moules du jour; croque monsieur; sunchoke and spinach risotto; classique crème brûlée ; or crème caramel. 
Bastille is located in The Asher at 
606 N. Fayette Street, Alexandria

For reservations and further information log into or call 703-519-3776.