DOWNTOWN: First Look - La Colombe Opens at Farragut Square Tuesday February 28th

The exterior is near completion, but inside its all business
I had my first look-see at the new La Colombe Coffee on Eye Street NW (Farragut Square / 17th & I) today, prior to its opening tomorrow. I had been aware of the new location, which was described to me last year as a walk-up (purchase and leave) location. So I was happily surprised to find that it was more than that. Where it is smaller than the other La Colombe locations, it does have some seating and, if you are a La Colombe lover, it does offer everything that you would hope. What it lacks is the funk that you find in the other 4 locations, but then for the location it's all business. Visitors from the East Coast that know La Colombe and that want the best coffee will be happy to find a La Colombe not to far from the White House and Renwick Gallery.
The bar (above) is larger than expected and has all the bell's & whistles for that expected great brew
Seating is limited, but fits nicely with the on-the-go neighborhood
The retail section has the usual revolving choice's from the world's small coffee farmers to source the best tasting, most exotic, and rarest beans, and roasts them to accentuate their natural flavors.
The chiller also provides Draft Latte, which is available in original, vanilla, mocha and triple, comes directly from the mind of Todd Carmichael, CEO and Co-Founder La Colombe, who invented the process to create a ready-to-drink, textured coffee beverage with frothed milk, cold-pressed espresso, and no added sugar.

La Colombe at Farragut Square will be open 7 am to 7pm Monday thru Friday
8am till 7pm Saturday & Sunday
La Colombe at Farragut Square is located at
1710 I Street NW.