WASHINGTON DC: Men's Grooming Lounge Celebrates 15 Years - Feb 20 thru End of March

On March 4, 2002, the first upscale barbershop/men’s spa in the country, Grooming Lounge, opened in the nation’s capital. After 265,346 haircuts, 27,879 hot lather shaves, 31,322 waxing services, and 166,480 toes taken care of in the 1745 L Street shop, the Grooming Lounge footprint has grown to 2 (soon 3) shops, a mega web presence, an extensive line of award-winning products and hotel amenities.

In celebration of the anniversary, the company will offer 15% off products in its DC and Tysons Galleria, Virginia Barbershops and Spas from February 20 through the end of March, 2017. As well, anyone born on the 15th of any month, can stop into the store for a free Grooming Lounge brand product.
 Grooming Lounge Founder Mike Gilman explains, “When we launched Grooming Lounge in 1999, it was originally with the intention of opening the country’s first men’s spa – but the concept was so novel that landlords wouldn’t take a chance on us. It took us a couple of years of steady success and a healthy rolodex of customers from GroomingLounge.com to convince someone to give us the space to open a brick and mortar shop.”
According to Barnette Holston, the man behind DC Fashion Fool and Men’s Life DC, “Grooming Lounge has become synonymous with “Upscale Barber Shop” -- it’s like Q-Tips.”
Gilman continues to grow the Grooming Lounge brand, the first Grooming Lounge franchise will be in Dubai, UAE, and is due to open later this year, the brand will soon be the provider of in-room amenities at the famed Mayflower Hotel, and has expanded their barbershop-created brand to include 16 shave, hair and skin care products.