SHAW: Blagden Alley - Alley-Oop! Murals & Music Festival. September 23/24

"AEC vs The Pension Building (Great Black Music: Ancient to the Future)' by Bill Warrell, Michael Wilderman and Captain Izabella Sparrow - 2017
 Blagden Alley, the 'Heart of Arts' in Shaw is hosting a Festival of Murals & Music on 
23rd & 24th of September.

The DC Alley Museum, which started last year and continues to grow have added new murals this past few months, to their outdoor collection of public art murals., and they deserve celebration.

Lisa Marie Thalhammer is bringing the LOVE, Billy Colbert the RESPECT and Rose Jaffe, well she is just LET(ting) GO.

Lisa Marie decided to bring some love to the Alley, and after a few 'artistic' changes she hit the right note (Lisa Marie also has another Mural in the Alley - "Contemplation")

You have to work on love! Lisa Marie and her team putting the finishing touches
Billy Colbert had to fight the construction crews of a new Blagden Alley restaurant to get his work completed
But the end result - Georgetown Legend Coach John Thompson - gets RESPECT
Then, Rose Jaffe had to put up with some wild weather to get her wonderfully colorful and thoughtful mural completed before the deadline
But the end result is sweet....

If you visit Blagden Alley regularly (probably La Colombe) you know to always have some camera device with you, as art has a way of springing up at any time - check this out - caught me by surprize!!
All the favorites are still there, works by;
  • Rozeal
  • Cita Sadeli 'Chelove'
  • Craig Nelson (mosaics)
  • Kelly Towels
  • Aniekan Udofia
  • Bill Warrell who has 2 murals
(Bill completed The Great Black Music, mural in conjuntion with Michael Wilderman and Captain Izabella Sparrow)

La Colombe will be open Saturday (till 7pm) and Sunday - there may be a suprize on Sunday afternoon. Tiger Fork (next door to La Colombe) Columbia Room, The Dabney, all in the Alley...and Lost & Found, Buttercream Bakeshop, All Purpose Pizza and Espita Mezcaleria all back on to Blagden Alley from 9th Street. So plenty of places to eat and drink

SHOUT OUT! The DC Alley Museum is funded in part by the DC Commision of the Arts & Humanities (Public Art Building Communities Program) who partnered with Shaw Main Streets to bring this weekend's festivities to fruition.