SHAW: Prep Work / Remediation Begins at 9th & L Streets NW

The corner of 9th & L Streets NW (rear view)
If you pass by 9th & L Streets NW you are probably not aware that work started earlier this week at the rear of the 9th Street facing historic building. Crews, in coveralls and masks have been clearing out the buildings, removing (what I assume to be Asbestos?) ruined building materials, trash, trees and shrubs.
The space will eventually become 2 Marriott Hotels (work has not begun on L Street at the location of the new apartment building) Full blown demo/construction on the site is planned to begin in December. The construction is expected to last over two years, alley access will be closed for that time period.
More on this as it progresses........


  1. Do you know whether the apartment building will be built at the same time as the hotels in one phase?

    1. According to Capstone: "The project will be built in two phases, the hotel first followed by the residential."

      Until a "community relations" person is assigned to the project its difficult to get current info


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