WASHINGTON DC: Upcoming Holiday Pictures - Try Photographers On-Demand from DC's SHOTZU

Let me introduce you to a DC based on-demand photography and video services startup Shotzu.com a DC based, on-demand photography and video services marketplace. Destined to be the UBER™ of photography. Just a great idea, that seems to have already gained 'legs'. Co-Founder Julian explained that.......
"We have curated a network of exceptional photography and video service providers in the DC area. Our quality and price points are unbeatable. We plan to do for photography what Uber™ did for transportation. We realize that photographic services are still discovered very much through word of mouth recommendation, therefore a marketplace such as ours provides value by creating a central location to acquire quality, curated photography services. Our concept has been adopted and we have received tremendous traction."
Our “Shotzus” can handle any photo or video assignment: from corporate events; sporting events; a night out on the town; real estate listings; fashion; family portrait; to holiday pictures, you name it we have it covered. We already count the #1 Realtor in the country Long and Foster as a client!
Shotzu was launched on October 28th by co-founders Julian Everly Shervington Wright and Chukwuemeka Ezekwe:

  • Julian has more than 20 years experience shaping pop culture as the talent manager for Billboard producer of the year Dallas Austin, recording artists Jagged Edge and Destiny’s Child; as well as the deal-maker behind the collaboration between Cohiba cigars and Jay-Z, which resulted in the 2013 release of the Comador line of cigars.
  • Emeka is a software engineer with extensive experience in large scale software design and deployment. He has a BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.
You can get more info on SHOTZU at the following;

With the upcoming holiday season it would make good sense to put away the cell phone camera and have fun and book Shotzu.com and a great photographer for your event, party or just to get those photographs for the album