PHONE APP: Greenease App Nationwide Launch - Farm-to-Table Dining and Info App

Vanessa Ferragut, founder of Greenease, announces the nationwide launch of the sustainable, farm-to-table dining and info app. The American consumer’s love affair with food has grown – and the need to learn about where that food has come from has also increased. Today 70 % of consumers would like to know where their food was farmed, and 72 % prefer to buy from sustainable businesses. With much of today’s food grown with toxic pesticides, or sourced from other countries (with the public’s little-to-no knowledge of those farming practices), savvy, sustainable consumers are taking a stand and demanding fresh, sustainable food. Farmers markets and at-home Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are a great remedy for this, but, generally, when people dine out, no one really knows where their food comes from. Until now.

Greenease is a groundbreaking app that allows consumers to search for restaurants and cafes that source directly from local and/or sustainable farms. They may also search by unique criteria such as free-range or grass-fed meats, organic food, sustainable seafood and more!

The app’s ultimate goal is to bring awareness to those businesses that source responsibly. Out of the 1,800 businesses listed on Greenease, almost 40% include their farms or purveyors. The most current version of the app also hyperlinks consumers to the farms so they can learn about where their food comes from. The app launched in the DC Metro area and New York City in 2014, and just launched nationwide in November 2016.

For the industry, Greenease created complimentary software in 2015 that allows restaurateurs to update and track their local farms and purveyors. This new version of the app also includes a crowd-sourcing component that allows consumers to recommend farm-to-table dining establishments that should be listed. 
“Food brings a community together,” said Greenease founder, Vanessa Ferragut, “and what better way to populate the database than having our own community of foodies and locavores sharing the best places to eat?”
Greenease's impact is environmental, social, and economical. When a consumer spends a $1 at a big box retailer, $.10 out of that dollar goes back into the local community, but when a consumer spends a $1 at a locally owned business, $.45 out of that dollar goes back into the local community. This is because small, privately held businesses (including restaurants) support other small businesses (including farmers).
“If you love the community you live in,” says Ferragut “show it by dining and shopping local! Plus, the food just tastes better.”
For further information on Greenease, visit, or download the free Greenease app available for iOS and Android.