WASHINGTON DC: Matching Gift Opportunity at Humane Rescue Alliance

Right now you have the opportunity to double your impact on the lives of animals right here in our community. A generous group of donors has committed to matching gifts made prior to December 31, 2016! 

Titus was rescued by one of our Field Services Officers after being locked in a crate and abandoned. After arriving at our Adoption Center, it was clear that he was terrified of his new environment, and yet desperate and grateful for any attention or love he could get.

In no time at all, staff and volunteers had fallen in love with Titus, and they worked strategically to build his confidence, refine his social skills, and find positive outlets for his abundant energy. He was so well-behaved and lovable he soon started attending adoption events in the community. And then he found a home! Our team of caregivers were overjoyed.

After only a few months, that joy turned into disappointment; an unexpected change in living circumstances meant that his owners were no longer allowed to have Titus in their home. Our staff worked hard to turn the disappointment over his return into renewed determination to do whatever it took to find him an amazing family. He was constantly out and about in the community making friends and impressing all who met him with his lovely manners and great personality. Thankfully, all of their efforts paid off, and Titus was adopted by a family who will love and cherish him for the rest of his days.

This year, we will help more than 60,000 animals. This incredible feat will only be possible with your help. Please take advantage of this incredible matching gift opportunity and double your life-saving impact today.