SHAW: Touchstone Gallery Exhibitions for June - Starts Tonight June 2

Exhibitions for
June 2 - July 2
Opening Reception: Friday, June 2, 6 – 8:30 pm

Landscapes of the Heart-Land Captivated by outer and inner landscapes, each Touchstone artist sets out on a journey to explore America’s wide open land or to explore psychological forms found only in their hearts. A variety of media express their travels: painting, clay, photography, hand pulled prints, sculpture, collage, and drawing. While some are representational, others are abstract. From sweeping landscapes of mountains, the sea, to intimate interior landscapes, all articulate a multiplicity of views through unique shapes, colors, and tonal expression.

Touchstone Foundation for the Arts Emerging Artist Fellow (2015-2017)
New series of Lionel Daniel's large and small figurative paintings explore the double consciousness and veil worn by African Americans from past and present as expressed in W.E.B Dubois's Souls of Black Folk.

Touchstone Foundation for the Arts Emerging Artist Fellow (2015-2017)
Jo Ann Block’s solo exhibition presents autobiographical collages, piecing together her trajectory from growing up queer and her struggle toward emancipation from social stigma. The collages are an amalgam of historical and personal imagery using a range of materials and methods to cut and paste a complex identity.
Touchstone Gallery
901 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001