SILVER SPRING: Restaurant Family Meals to Menu - The Daily Dish Offers the Best Staff Meal Items to Guests - This August

The restaurant ‘family meal’ has always been the sustenance of restaurant staff. At The Daily Dish, family meal has become a competition. Staff, including the sous chef, line cook, lead bartender and owner make traditional dishes (sometimes with a creative twist) in a bid to see who can outdo the other. Now, The Daily Dish is bringing these comfort foods to their guests. During the month of August, four dishes from four different countries will be featured - one per week – as an opportunity for all diners to sample these family favorites.

Rivka Alvial, the lead bartender has a Venezuelan/Chilean heritage. She is a trained pastry chef and is one of nine children. She uses her grandmother’s top-secret recipe for her favorite dish, Reina Pepiadas (Curvy Queen) Arepas. The Daily Dish adapted her family recipe and will serve two at lunch for $10.

Zena Polin, co-owner, lived in Puerto Rico for eight years, as well as in different countries throughout Latin America. She serves one of her favorites with a twist – Tostones with Mango Salsa. They’ll be available as an appetizer at dinner for $8.

The line cooks are partial to pupusas, a classic dish from El Salvador. A traditional pupusa is filled with some combination of cheese (queso blanco), refried beans and meat and topped with a spicy coleslaw mixture known as curtido. The Daily Dish mixes it up by filling pupusas with duck confit and topping them with an Asian slaw. These pupusas will be served at lunch for $8 and as a dinner appetizer for $8

Sous Chef Jose Rivas, makes a traditional, hearty Honduran meal called a “baleada,” which is a thick flour tortilla that is usually folded in half and served with mashed fried beans. Other ingredients, such as scrambled eggs or meats, can be added. The Daily Dish adds “carne asada” or grilled NY strip steak to make it extra special. This will be served at lunch for $14.
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